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Rehabilitative Staff
We look forward to being helpful in your recovery from an injury, a disability or any form of mobility issues. Meet our staff!
Customized Therapy Services
Therapy is a highly personalized service. It has to be customized to the specific rehabilitative needs of each patient.
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Breast Care Program

Breast cancer is a common cancer among women. Current treatment interventions including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy have continued to increase the survival rate. Despite the success rate of these procedures, patients may experience physical changes following them. These physical complications may include scar tissue formation, myofascial pain, decrease in arm range and motion, and lymphedema. These complications may interfere with normal daily activities.

Experienced Staff

Aurora Rehabilitation Center Breast Care Program is staffed with Physical and Occupational Therapists who are specially trained to meet the needs of women or men going through breast surgery. Our program strives to provide effective and compassionate care.

Individualized treatment

In order to provide the individualized treatment to each patient, the program involves a comprehensive evaluation done pre-operatively and approximately four weeks post-operatively. Benefits of these evaluations include early detection of problems as they occur to allow quick return to normal activities with less limitations.


During the course of pre-surgical testing, patients are seen for a physical or occupational therapy evaluation. The comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • Past medical history
  • Social history including home and job responsibilities
  • Posture
  • Range of motion of the neck and arm
  • Strength
  • Circumferential measurements of both arms – to get a baseline for post surgical swelling comparison

This pre-surgical session also includes education for:

  • Guidelines for activity after surgery
  • Activity and exercise precautions


Patients return at approximately four weeks after surgery for a re-evaluation of:

  • Activity level and any residual limitations in activity
  • Posture
  • Range of motion
  • Circumferential arm measurements to compare to pre-surgical level
  • Sensation
  • Scar/surgical incision
  • Strength

Education at that session includes:

  • Modification of the exercise program, based on remaining limitations. Progression to strengthening to allow return to normal activities
  • Scar massage and mobilization
  • Lymphedema prevention and precaution strategies

If activity limitations, limitations in arm motion, pain, and/or edema are present, further follow-up therapy may be recommended. The therapists are available as additional resources to answer any questions they may have concerning their surgery and condition. An evaluation may be repeated during the course of cancer treatment to determine any new problems or limitations that may develop during or post radiation treatment, or with scar-tissue maturation.