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Physical Therapy is used in many areas: sports, healthcare, pain management, among others. Techniques are focused in achieving your fast and smooth recuperation.
It can be difficult to live a normal life when you have issues in communication. Speech Therapy may be the right option for you or someone you know.
Self-care skills can be difficult to get used to after a surgery, an injury or having acquired a disability. However, there are ways that you can cope with these challenges.
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Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
icon-address 7300 NW 5th Street
Plantation, Florida
icon-address 1750 University Drive, #107 Suite 105
Coral Springs, Florida
icon-address Phone: 954-356-2878
Fax: 954-241-6726

Welcome to
American Therapy House

American Therapy House is a highly respected provider of rehabilitative and therapeutic services. Our staff includes Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists who are locally based and are able to personally treat patients at our facility.

Therapy employs a scientific approach. It involves evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Along the way, the patient should be thoroughly educated on his or her stages of recuperation. And if there is little chance of restoring his accustomed skills prior to an injury or surgery, therapists will provide for training with compensatory skills such as the use of mobility assistive devices or prosthetics.

If you or your family member may need rehabilitative support from professionals, call 954-608-9930 and speak to a therapy coordinator at American Therapy House.